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"Since signing up for Bluprint I have built cornice boxes for a window treatment in my studio and reupholstered my office chair! I would have never attempted either of these projects without your classes and the unlimited viewing. Thank you! Next on my list? Crochet, cooking, and garden design."

- Lynda S.
"Everyone has got to feed the creative monster within! Bluprint is the way to do that. Whatever you wish for, it's here."

- Kenneth K.
"For less than $20 a month, I can take as many classes as I have time for, taught by amazing experts. So, for what I would spend on lunch, I can learn hundreds of cooking techniques, improve my knitting, learn to quilt... I truly love it!"

- Rhonda S.
"I find that I watch Bluprint when I have just a few minutes instead of playing a game so I'm learning something that interests AND benefits me!"

- Edward C.
"Versatility, affordability, adaptability! If you love to learn, this is one handy place to venture into new-to-you knowledge, at your own pace, on your own schedule, all the joy of learning and no tests!"

- Veronica K.
Paper crafts, from Cards with Dimension
Cake, from Modern Buttercream
Jewelry, from Micro Torch Basics
Baking, from On the Rise: Bun & Roll Techniques
Garden, from Stunning Succulent Arrangements
Painting, from Reflections in Acrylic: Depicting Light on Water
Food Network favorite and cake artist to the stars.
Stitch celebrity, best-selling author, and machine quilting maven.
Emmy Award-winning host of Food Rush and a former contestant on NBC's Top Chef.
Award-winning chef, restauranteur, and best-selling author.
with Carly Cylinder
with Bluprint
with Ryan Scott & Dylan Dreyer
"I feel like a kid in a candy store!"
I've been a fan of floral design for a long time, but I mostly stuck to arranging bouquets for my friends. Carly Cylinder's Flower Kitchen completely upped my game! When I have a few minutes, I've started watching Bluprint instead of scrolling the web, and it makes me so much happier. For what I could spend on lunch in a day, I can learn so much. I feel like a kid in a candy store!
- Kamie S
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