Cake Pop Decorating
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From simple sprinkles to elaborate mermaid tails, there's a cake pop for every occasion.
Get started making cake pops that wow at bridal showers, birthday parties and beyond!
Projects + Techniques
Get started making cake pops that wow at cocktail parties, bridal showers, birthday parties and beyond!
Kris Galicia Brown
Kris Galicia Brown
Create dazzling bouquets of modern buttercream flowers using simple piping and innovative presentation techniques. Plus, make a garden of gorgeous cake pop flowers!
Sonya Hong
Sonya Hong
So you've decided to launch your own cake business. (Woo-hoo!!!) Time to think about budgets, a website, real estate, marketing, product photography and .... a name. You gotta have a great name! The guidelines here will help you figure out an excellent one.
Jessie Oleson Moore
Make the best cake pops on the block. Learn a collection of dazzling decorating techniques in this FREE mini-class and deliver perfect treats customized for any celebration.
Valerie Pradhan
Valerie Pradhan
If you’re reading this, it’s safe to assume you're either curious about or obsessed with cake pops. Same here. With our list of do's and don'ts in mind, you'll be able to tackle that masterpiece-on-a-stick in no time.
Kris Galicia Brown
We’re here for cake no matter how you serve it, but if you want to really wow a crowd you’ve gotta make it bite-size and put it on a stick. Enter these 10 cake pop ideas: they’re portable, they’re adorable, and they’re a blast to make.
Cake pops should definitely be pure enjoyment. But in reality, making the little guys can go from fun to frustrating FAST. So learn from my mistakes and spare yourself some pain.
Kris Galicia Brown
Hello, shimmery bliss! Adding drama to your cakes and cookies is easy if you know how to add metallic tones to royal icing. The magic trick: luster dust.
Erin Gardner
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  • Do you ever feel like you have too much time on your hands? We didn't think so. This can't-miss mix just needs eggs, oil and water, and voila, you'll have luscious cake that no one will guess is from a mix!
  • Add some sparkling magic to your desserts—without adding any synthetics. These natural sprinkles are made with plant-based food colors derived from concentrated vegetables. The set includes orange, green, pink, purple, white, yellow, and rainbow, for a prismatic spectrum of sweetness!
  • If you’re looking for something a bit more subtle than sprinkles, we recommend this all-natural sanding sugar from India Tree. This fine-grain saccharine is made with plant-based food colors derived from concentrated vegetables. The set includes a sweet selection of pastels: green, blue, yellow, pink, and purple.
  • Is a cupcake really a cupcake if it isn’t overflowing with sprinkles? We think not! Take your toppings to the next level with these forever-festive Sprinkle Pop sprinkles: they’re fun, trendy, bespoke sprinkle mixes that come in 11 different colors! Made in the USA.
  • Make sweet treats they'll love for occasions you don't want them to forget! This 100-pack of 6 inch Wilton Lollipop Sticks is perfect for making your own chocolate or hard-candy lollipops, as well as for creating your own custom cookie and cake pops. Use these sturdy lollipop sticks to achieve fabulous new feats with your sweet treats!
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