15 Speedy Sewing Projects You Can Make in an Hour or Less

We love launching into long-term sewing projects as much as the next person, but trying to fit them into a busy schedule can be tough. If you're itchin' to create but only have an hour of free time, don't fret — we've got projects for you.

1. The Speediest Pillowcases

You can make any pillowcase in just 15 minutes — seriously. It's all thanks to the burrito method, aka strategic layering, rolling and stitching that brings your fancy new pillowcase together in just a few simple steps.

If you love to sew, there's no such thing as too many pillows — and the same goes for pillow cases! They’re beginner-friendly, fun to make with your kids and, thanks to this burrito method, you can bust one out in just 15 minutes. Stitch up a set for every bed in the house, sew some as a gift, or round up your friends and donate a bunch to charity. The opportunities really are endless!

2. A Gorgeous Silk Scarf

Hello, elegance! This flowy scarf is made from a single layer of silk chiffon and finished with a serger . It's simple, beautiful and always in style.

3. Cute Envelope Covers

While not quite as speedy as the burrito method, envelope pillow covers still only take five steps from start to finish. Have a little more time? DIY your own patterned fabric to make it truly one-of-a-kind.

Picture your couch all fancied up with throw pillows you won't see anywhere else. The secret is making 'em yourself.

4. Felt Owl Ornaments

Repeat after us: felt is your friend . These cuties are cheap, easy to stitch and a total hoot for anyone you gift them to. (Hello, holiday season !) Plus, making one takes waaay less than an hour, so you can bust one out whenever you get that craving to create.

It's official: we have never seen anything cuter than these DIY felt owls. They're the perfect holiday project for gift giving, stocking stuffing or hanging on your tree. Go on and make a whole flock!

5. Classic Cloth Napkins

If you can stitch a mitered corner , you can whip up these napkins with ease. Choose any lightweight, washable fabric you'd like, but if you want to add a decorative hemstitch, we highly recommend working with linen.

6. A Custom Makeup Bag

We love a good bag project , and this little one is oh-so-stylish. Customize it to match your style and adjust the dimensions so it holds all the toiletries you need.

Bags can be such a fun sewing project to jump into, but if a full-size tote sounds like more than what you're ready to handle, we have the perfect solution: a makeup bag! It's the ideal way to start installing zippers, working with different fabrics and adding custom touches that truly make a bag your own. Plus, they make great holiday gifts — win, win!

7. The Coolest Infinity Scarf

This infinity scarf is all about the fabric. Stitch it in linen or cotton to rock it in summer, or sew it in flannel or even a lightweight wool to keep you cozy come winter. No matter what fabric you opt for — you can even hand-dye some yourself! — this stunner is guaranteed to turn heads.

A breezy summer scarf is an instant mood-booster. For this versatile infinity style, we used a cotton voile fabric, which is ideal for warmer weather (as are linen, cotton and chambray). But once you've nailed the how-to, you can easily make the same project in a heavier fabric come winter. (We see you, flannel, French terry and lightweight wool.)

8. The Best Last-Minute Gift Bag

Say goodbye to frantically searching for gift wrap — you can whip this baby up in no time. PS: If you have tiny gifts to give, you can stitch up this drawstring pouch , or maybe consider one of these clever ways to wrap presents .

Making presents yourself is totally #GiftingGoals. Why can't your packaging be decked out and DIY, too? Not only is this bag easy and fun, it's also reusable — so it's like a whole other gift for your recipient!

9. A Quick-Stitch Fabric Headband

Seven steps, two strips of fabric, one piece of elastic and — voilà! — you've got a new accessory and soooo many great hair days in your future.

This basic headband wins the prize for cutest stash-buster ever. Make one to match every outfit, because why not?

10. Your Next Go-To Tote

We're always in need of more totes for grocery runs and other day-to-day happenings. Download our free pattern, thread up your sewing machine and get stitchin'!

Let's be real: we can always use more totes for grocery runs and storing sewing supplies. This stash-busting project is perfect for beginner sewists and — bonus! — it'll be done in less than an hour. Last-minute gift idea, anyone?

11. A Dapper Tie

Instead of buying neckties everyone has, DIY one in a fabric that pops with personality. The best part? You don't need to buy a pattern — just use an old tie to create your own template. (Or choose a dashing bow tie instead.)

Sure, you've been gifting dad a tie since you were, oh, four. While it may feel a little been-there-done-that, making that tie yourself — in a fabric that pops and totally channels his personality — changes the game completely. And if you're really feeling the love, you can go the extra mile and make two or three!

12. A Fabric Bin (to Store More Fabric)

Get your sewing room organized by DIYing your own storage bins. It's much cuter than throwing your fabric in a plastic bin, and gives you an excuse to use that old fabric that's been sitting in your stash for a while.

There's no better way to store your crafting gear than in a cute fabric bin — that you sewed yourself, of course.

13. A Kid-Friendly Pillow

There's no such thing as too many pillows , especially when you can make 'em so easily! This is a great project for any first-time sewer, and you can get the kiddos involved, too.

It's true: pillows are the ideal way to get started sewing. This one's super easy to pull together— so easy that you could make it with your kids — and it'll teach you a bunch of key skills you can apply to future projects. Or maybe you'll just keep making pillows! If you ask us, every room in the house deserves at least a few.

14. Elastic-Free Undies

Fact: your most comfy pair of undies can be the ones you stitch yourself. This project ditches the elastic for material that won't dig in (while still keeping your underwear from falling, ICYWW). The secret? Rib knits or cotton lycra jersey.

Fact: your most comfy undies could very well be the ones you sew yourself. It's all about how you decide to finish your edges — after all, nobody wants a pair that digs in or falls down.

15. No-Sew Sequin Bags

Personalized makeup bags are the perfect quickie gift, and because there's absolutely zero stitching involved you don't have to be an accomplished sewist. Simply glue some sequin trim to a plain canvas bag and you're done! Seriously, it doesn't get easier than that.

Easy, no-sew and cheap to make, this DIY is the ultimate can't-go-wrong bridesmaid gift, stocking-stuffer or birthday party favor. (And don't forget to make one for yourself, too!)

September 12, 2019
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15 Speedy Sewing Projects You Can Make in an Hour or Less