Make Solid Crochet Hexagons Your Graphic Go-To

Sometimes you just want to keep things simple: Enter the solid crochet hexagon. The single color and easy stitch pattern are the perfect palette cleanser, but that distinctive hexie shape means this motif is never boring.

Solid Crochet Hexagon

Level: Easy

What You Need



Rnd 1: Start by making a magic ring . Ch 2 (these do not count as a stitch), and then 12 dc into the ring. Close with a slip stitch ; do not fasten off.

Rnd 2: Ch 4 (counts as 1 dc and 1 ch), 2 dc into the next stitch.

*1 dc into the next stitch. This forms the first side of the hexagon. 2 dc, 1 ch, 2 dc into the next stitch. This forms the first point. Repeat from * 4 more times.

This will complete five of the six points of the hexagon. For the final point, dc into the base of the four chains that you started with. Join with a slip stitch in the 3rd chain of your starting chain. This completes the sixth point of the hexagon.

Rnd 3: Ch 4. Work 2 dc into the first stitch. This is part of the first point of the hexagon.

You now have 5 dc stitches along the side of the hexagon. *Skip 1 st, dc in the next 3 sts, skip 1 st. (This forms the first side.) Then for the point, make 2 dc, 1 ch, 2 dc into the next stitch. Repeat from * four more times so that you have five completed points.

Here's a visual to help you see what's happening: above, three sides and points of the hexagon are completed. By skipping the first and last stitches on the side, you're making room for your corner stitches, so the hexagon will lie flat.

To finish, dc into the last stitch and join with a slip stitch to the 3rd chain of your starting chain. Your sixth point is done, so go ahead and fasten off and weave in your ends .

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