• Horses are a great place to start, but these basic sketching methods can be applied to drawing any animal accurately. It's all about taking the time to really study your reference photo (we provided a few for you!), then gradually building up from raw shapes to fine details. Give it a little practice, and you'll be surprised how quickly your skills improve!
  • Meet your instructor, artist Kerry Brooks, and begin your journey to create polished, lifelike portraits with realistic skin tones and hair textures. First, Kerry advises you on her favorite materials -- from paper and pencils to erasers and other accessories -- and her preferred drawing setup. Then, explore what makes a good source photo as Kerry shares what she looks for when choosing a subject and what elements to avoid.
  • Meet Colin Bradley and start class by diving right into your first project: a tabby cat drawing. Start your drawing at the top and work your way down to the ears and top of the head. You'll learn how to layer and blend colors to create realistic fur texture.
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  • Watercolor pencils look like regular colored pencils, and you pretty much use them the same way... with one exception. When you add water to your drawing, something incredible happens: you've suddenly got watercolor art.
    Sandrine Pelissier
  • If there's anything we love just as much as drawing, it's animals. And we mean all kinds — from dogs and cats to birds and bears. No matter your medium of choice, we've got a critter just waiting to inspire you!
  • When you hear "colored pencils," you might tend to think about elementary school. But you're all grown up now, and so is this versatile medium. In fact, you'll be amazed at the sophisticated effects you can create once you master a few key techniques.
  • Whether you're a watercolorist, acrylic maven or colored pencil crazy, we've got the perf flower-fabulous project for you to tackle! Don't sweat it if you've got a black thumb — these blooms will never wilt and will always brighten your mood.
  • It's no secret that if you want to improve your art, you've gotta practice. But that doesn't have to mean repeating the same thing over and over again. In fact, the more you mix it up, the more you'll grow — we promise!
  • Mistakes? What mistakes? Maybe you don't make any ever — but that would be super weird. If you do mess up now and then, like basically everyone who draws, here are some sneaky ways to hide your bloopers.
    Jessie Oleson Moore
  • If one art medium is good, two or more is even better, right? Mixing up your materials is a great way to open up new creative territory with your artwork. Give it a try and if you're lucky, you'll surprise yourself!
  • ICYMI, we're big proponents of making art every day. Yes — every. single. day. But what happens when you’re fresh out of ideas for what to actually draw?
    Sara Barnes
Here’s Everything You Need to Start Drawing:

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