• Okay, who *doesn't* love a good doggo? Sharpen your pencils and learn how to capture the cuteness with a little bit of practice. Though this tutorial walks you through how to draw a beagle, the same method applies to any and all breeds.
  • Meet Alan and start class with an overview of three essential colored pencil techniques: sketching, tracing, and transferring. Discover how to achieve accurate proportions, turn your sketch into a refined line drawing and easily transfer it to final paper.
  • If you like order and precision, you'll love your third and final project: a pitcher-and-mason-jar still life. Start by exploring the basics of perspective and structural drawing. Find out how to block in symmetrical shapes as you create the contour of the pitcher, taking into account the spout and handle.

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  • Whether you're a watercolorist, acrylic maven or colored pencil crazy, we've got the perf flower-fabulous project for you to tackle! Don't sweat it if you've got a black thumb — these blooms will never wilt and will always brighten your mood.
  • Mistakes? What mistakes? Maybe you don't make any ever — but that would be super weird. If you do mess up now and then, like basically everyone who draws, here are some sneaky ways to hide your bloopers.
    Jessie Oleson Moore
  • If one art medium is good, two or more is even better, right? Mixing up your materials is a great way to open up new creative territory with your artwork. Give it a try and if you're lucky, you'll surprise yourself!
  • ICYMI, we're big proponents of making art every day. Yes — every. single. day. But what happens when you’re fresh out of ideas for what to actually draw or paint?
    Sara Barnes
  • When I was a kid, I'd play a game called "What should I draw?" Someone would ask, "What should I draw?" Someone would answer, "A bear." Then you would draw a bear. Pretty basic, right?
    David Huyck
  • Often used as a focal point for meditation, mandalas are known for helping to calm and enlighten the mind. So imagine how relaxing it it could be to design your own! (Or, if you're more of a coloring person, you can just grab some colored pencils and print out our mandala template. No judgment.)
  • It's no secret that if you want to improve your art, you've gotta practice. But that doesn't have to mean repeating the same thing over and over again. In fact, the more you mix it up, the more you'll grow — we promise!
  • When I'm out and about in the world — especially when I'm traveling — I've learned to pare down my sketching tools to the simplest array possible: two brush pens, a water brush and a sketchbook. Sometimes I'll bring along a small kit of watercolors, but usually I leave color for later. What I'm really interested in is the spur-of-the-moment opportunity to capture what what's caught my eye, without any muss or fuss. And for that, I rely heavily on my brush pens.
    Kateri Ewing
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